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Extraterrestrial Message/Taygeta (Pleiades): Who Are We? (1)

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About This Inspiration

The Cosmic Agency YouTube channel and website offer a profound exploration into extraterrestrial communication and cosmic mysteries. They present a unique narrative through interactions with Pleiadian beings, discussing advanced civilizations and the philosophical and scientific implications of their existence and teachings. This content is a blend of spirituality, science, and existential inquiry, appealing to those intrigued by the profound possibilities beyond our Earth.

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Extraterrestrial Message/Taygeta (Pleiades): Who Are We? (1)

In this captivating video, viewers are introduced to Swaruu, a member of the Taygetan race from the Pleiades star system, who unveils the profound and intricate connections between their civilization and Earth. Swaruu reveals that their task force, composed of nearly 18,000 Taygetans, operates from several ships orbiting Earth, vigilantly monitoring and ensuring the safety of our planet from malevolent forces.

Swaruu delves into the fascinating nature of their existence, explaining that they inhabit the fifth density, a realm of higher vibrational frequency where the universe is perceived as a seamless gradient rather than segregated dimensions. This enlightening conversation sheds light on the Taygetans' mission to enforce a blockade around Earth, a protective measure aimed at preventing hostile extraterrestrial interactions and ensuring the integrity of our planet's evolutionary path.

Viewers are taken on a journey through the cosmos as Swaruu describes the various ships in their fleet, each serving distinct purposes ranging from command and control to scientific research. The video also explores the notion of immersion technology, a groundbreaking method that allows these beings to integrate into Earth's digital matrix for specific missions, presenting themselves as human while retaining their celestial origins.

Furthermore, Swaruu shares fascinating insights into the Taygetan race, revealing their biological similarities and differences with humans, including advanced nervous systems and heightened sensory abilities. The discussion also touches on cultural aspects, highlighting a predominantly female population and the societal dynamics that shape their civilization.

This video is a gateway to understanding the complex interstellar relationships and the pivotal role of the Taygetans in guiding and protecting Earth's journey through the cosmos. It offers a glimpse into the advanced technologies, societal structures, and profound wisdom of a race deeply connected to humanity, yet navigating the universe with a distinct and evolved perspective.