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Tag: Sumerian Mythology

ANCIENT GODS: Enki, Enlil, The Anunnaki and The Elohim!
Dive into the fascinating world of ancient myths and extraterrestrial theories with our latest video! We explore the enigmatic tales of Enki and Enlil, the Anunnaki, and their connections to figures like Akhenaten and entities like the Elohim. Unravel the mysteries hidden within the Sumerian Tablets and decode the roles of ancient deities such as Anu, Osiris, and Ishtar. Our journey takes us beyond mere mythology, delving into the possibility of alien influences in ancient civilizations and examining the modern implications of these age-old stories. This thought-provoking video is perfect for history buffs, myth enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the intersection of the past and extraterrestrial phenomena. Join us as we uncover the truths buried in the sands of time and reflect on our ancient past.