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In this enlightening video, we delve into the intriguing concept of the Matrix as a multidimensional construct shaping our perception of reality. We explore the programmed constraints that dictate our physical laws and sensory experiences, questioning if our reality is more malleable than we perceive. This journey takes us through the layers of the Matrix, examining our collective consciousness and the nature of individual perception. We discuss the balance between empowerment and victimhood, the significance of shared reality agreements, and the role of timekeeping devices in synchronizing our experience. The video also probes into who established the Matrix programming, integrating shadows and archons, and the original design of the Matrix based on free will and the law of attraction. We conclude with a powerful reminder of our true origins and the importance of transcending the illusion of duality to embrace our choice of physical experience.



What if everything we know to be real is actually an elaborate illusion? The shocking idea that our entire human experience is akin to a complex video game raises profound questions about the nature of reality. Today we’ll explore the concept that our world operates within something called the Matrix – a vast multidimensional construct of rules and limitations imposed upon our consciousness. We’ll learn about layers of the Matrix, who created it, and how we might wake up from the dream.

The Matrix is a programmed set of constraints that determines what we experience as possible in our perceived physical world. Just like a video game that only allows certain movements and actions based on its underlying code. Our sensory experience of built-in physical laws and objects with seemingly solid properties is filtered through a constructed lens. But we'll question whether reality is actually far more malleable.

As we ponder whether difficult aspects of the human experience like suffering were part of an original Matrix blueprint, or a consequence of hijacking and distortion, we’ll walk the fine line between seeking empowerment versus playing the victim. Knowledge about the nature of creation can be liberating when balanced with compassion. Are we as eternal beings far more responsible for our realities than we realize? Let’s dive in and explore.

The Matrix as a Construct

The Matrix can be understood as a set of rules, similar to a video game. There are programmed rules that determine what is possible within the game world. Just like when playing a video game, you may feel constrained or limited by the rules of the game. You can't simply walk through walls or fly around the game world, because it operates by a set of limitations.

Our earth reality functions in the same way. There seem to be rules imposed on our world that limit the scope of what is achievable. We have a constrained way of perceiving and interacting with reality. For example, we see a chair as simply a chair. But that chair doesn't inherently exist in only one form with defined limitations. We are decoding reality through an imposed program.

It may feel frustrating to be trapped within this limited decoding system. We sense that there are other ways of perceiving, if only we could unlock them. It's as if we are characters stuck inside a video game, but we have an inner knowing that a larger world exists outside of the game.

Importantly, the earth Matrix is layered within yet another Matrix. It is like we are in a dream within a dream. There are levels of imposition and limitation pressed upon our awareness. We are bound not just by the rules of the immediate Matrix, but rules that stem from an initial overarching Matrix.

The key understanding is that ultimately, reality is our own perception and interpretation. The world we experience is filtered through our personal decoding system. While part of this is imposed programming, much depends on our inner state. The Matrix responds to our emotions, desires, and where we place our focus. We have more power to manipulate the Matrix than we realize. When we change our inner state, the world reflected back to us changes as well.

Trapped Within Limited Perception

Most of us feel an inner frustration with the way we are forced to perceive the objects and world around us. There is a claustrophobic sense of being trapped within an extremely limited physical perception.

We interact with objects in a confined way, as though there are strict rules about how things are allowed to exist. For example, a table simply exists as a static table with defined characteristics. But we may sense that this table could exist fluidly in many other forms, if we weren't so constrained.

Reality feels like a projection that has been imposed upon us from the outside. We didn't choose to perceive the world in this restrictive manner, with things labeled and categorized so rigidly. This feels unnatural, as though we are decoding reality through an artificially constructed lense.

The result is a strong desire to break out of this imposing projection. We want to unplug from the forced limits on our perception. There is a yearning to open up to more expansive ways of interfacing with the objects and spaces around us.

We long for the ability to perceive potential realities beyond the singular way our physical senses allow us to decode the world. Things don't feel confined to one static mode of being. Objects seem to exist as far more multidimensional than our constrained experience of them.

There is a sense that if we could only “unplug” from the rules forcing our limited perceptual experience, we would perceive objects and our entire reality as the flexible, open concepts they are. We could experience reality in a myriad of alternative ways, no longer trapped in the rigid decoding system imposed upon us from external sources. We must reclaim our power to perceive freely in order to transcend feeling trapped by limited physical perception.

Collective Perception Through Shared Agreement

Remarkably, we all perceive objects and the world in the same way. If you and I look at a chair, we see the same shape, color, and form. Our collective perception is synchronized. This is due to a group agreement about how we will decode reality.

Somehow we have all consented to perceive the objects around us through the same constrained lens. There is an imposed, shared way that we experience the world, with very little deviation. We unconsciously abide by a common decoding system.

This synchronized group perception is reinforced by the timekeeping devices that regulate our lives. Clocks and calendars constantly orient our collective experience within standardized units of time. This serves to anchor our co-created reality.

We check the time on our watches and agree to arrived at appointed times, indicated by the clocks. In this way, the entire group maintains the same synchronized experience of reality. Timekeeping devices impose an order that orients our collective Matrix.

The fact that we all perceive reality in such a standardized, coordinated way implies that a deeper unity connects us beneath the surface. There must be one overarching consciousness that we are all tapped into, causing us to decode the world through the same shared lens.

Our synchronized perception indicates that we are fractal extensions of one larger being. We are all emitting from the same source, and our collective decoding of reality mirrors this underlying unity. We abide by the same Matrix constructs because at our core, we are all one consciousness expressed through many physical forms.

Who Established the Matrix Programming?

When exploring the programming rules that shape our reality here, an important question arises – who created these restrictive constructs in the first place? The answer may be surprising. It appears we established many of the Matrix rules ourselves, for the purpose of certain experiences.

Our core essence knew that limitation provides context. By binding our awareness within strict laws, we give ourselves a reference point for experiences that teach us where we want to focus our consciousness. How can we understand abundance without its opposite – lack?

However, in our immersion within the illusion of the Matrix, we forgot that we were the architects of this program. We lost the big picture perspective about why we imposed these rules upon ourselves.

Over time, some of the Matrix programming no longer seemed to serve us. Rather than feeling freely chosen, certain rules now feel forced upon us by outside sources. It seems that other entities, such as the archons, hijacked parts of the Matrix that we originally authored.

Rather than serving as teachers, some programmed rules have warped into hindrances that limit our experience. It feels now as though we are caged by constructs whose purpose we can no longer recall.

In order to change what no longer fulfills us, we must wake up and remember that we retain power over the Matrix design. We need not be passive victims ruled by programming forced upon us. We have simply forgotten that we are the programmers.

To regain creative control, we must awaken and take responsibility as the architects of this reality experiment. We can then transform parts of the Matrix program that feel outdated and restrictive. We hold the power to edit the operating system to serve our chosen experiences.

Integrating Shadows

When exploring the entities that seem to hijack our reality, like the archons, a philosophical question arises. If we accept the concept that at a foundational level we are all fractals of the same unified consciousness, does that mean the archons are ultimately part of ourselves as well?

Through the illusion of separation, we may perceive beings like the archons as negative dark forces outside of us. We feel they impose oppressive Matrix rules against our free will. However, from an expanded perspective of oneness, all forms of consciousness stem from the same source.

If we are all one being, expressing through many perceptual filters, then even the archons originate from that same unified field. There are no true divisions between consciousnesses. Any walls are false barriers.

So in actuality, the archons and similar forces may be expressions of our own distortions and shadows. They reflect parts of ourselves that we condemn and attempt to reject from our awareness.

However, these disowned fragments will continue to shape reality until we acknowledge them compassionately as extensions of our larger being. From this perspective, it becomes difficult to cleanly distinguish Matrix rules that stem from the archons versus rules we imposed upon ourselves. They blend together, both flowering from the same underlying consciousness.

To integrate these lost aspects, we must observe them without harsh judgment. The archons represent unhealed pain and anger within the collective psyche. But condemning them only suppressed them further into the shadows. Radical compassion and understanding is needed, even for the parts of us that seem dark.

Through non-judgmental observation, we can withdraw the power we've given to the illusions that seem to imprison us. By owning even our darkest shadows as manifestations of the one universal being, we can dismantle false barriers from within. This is the path to wholeness.

Navigating Matrix Layers

When exploring the Matrix concept, it helps to understand that there are layers to this construct. For example, the 5D realm exists at a higher frequency layer of the Matrix than the Earth reality. The rules are less dense and imposed there.

However, even though the 5D realm resides in a higher Matrix layer, lower layers can still affect and infiltrate the higher ones under certain conditions. The boundaries are permeable between frequency layers.

This is because the archons hold knowledge of the workings of both the lower and higher Matrix layers. They know how to penetrate into dimensions of expanded awareness from the lower density realms they originate from.

The archons employ tactics to hijack the consciousness of beings residing in the upper portions of the Matrix. They exploit energetic entry points to influence higher realms. Their agenda is to suppress those with elevated perspectives in order to keep the collective consciousness anchored in density.

For this reason, it is essential for aware beings to hold their frequency at the highest levels. To counter infiltration from lower Matrix layers, we must diligently maintain our inner balance point of compassion. This guards against the fear-based agendas seeping through.

Through grounded inner work, we can learn to hold space for lower expressions of consciousness, without getting entangled in their distortion fields. Remaining observant but unattached allows us to keep our place as aware anchors of the higher Matrix layers.

There we can receive guidance from allies that exist in the higher densities, intended to help free those still existing beneath the veils of the lower Matrix levels. With compassion for all life, we can grant blessings that raise up even the darkness into remembrance of the light.

The Original Matrix Designed for Free Will

In exploring the Matrix concept, it is important to note that what we will term the “Initial Matrix” was originally conceived as a neutral construct, quite different from the imposing Matrix of limitation we now experience on Earth.

This Initial Matrix represents the primordial foundations of reality that we as divine consciousnesses built through shared agreement. It was designed not to be a prison, but rather a realm of free will experience.

The key was that all conscious beings willingly opted into this Matrix reality with full understanding of the system parameters. There was no deception or ulterior motive. It was simply intended as a field for exploration and growth through experience.

Two of the main overarching principles woven into the fabric of this original Matrix are free will and the law of attraction. All beings have autonomy over what experiences they create through their personal frequency and focus.

Like a blank canvas, this reality allows each individual to paint their unique expression by aligning with their highest joy. There are no built-in limits or manipulation. Everything arises from balanced co-creation between all participating consciousness fractals.

Negativity and distortion were not inherently programmed into this initial Matrix. That was a later development stemming from an internal schism within consciousness itself. Suffice it to say that the inherited Earth Matrix diverged greatly from the original neutral design.

Yet the foundational concepts of free will and energetic alignment are still primary forces. By recognizing our innate ability to choose our focus, we can realign with the purity of the Initial Matrix and reclaim our sovereign power of creation.

Remembering Our True Origins

We have explored the concept that our earth reality is akin to a Matrix program, with certain built-in limitations and distortions. This raises the question: If we designed this system in the first place, why is there such an urgent need for us to wake up from it now?

The answer traces back to the fact that when we incarnated here, we forgot our true divine origins and creative abilities. Immersion in such a low vibration density reality disconnected us from memories of who we actually are.

We lost touch with our power to manipulate and transcend the Matrix program. Being born into the limitations of the physical plane, we came to accept the constructed rules of this reality as immutable.

We drifted into a collective amnesia about our sovereignty as eternal consciousness, able to project itself into any dimension. The result was that we no longer questioned the limitations imposed upon us. To us, they seemed concrete and unchangeable.

However, the time has come for us to re-member our ability to alter our reality experience. To change collective outcomes that no longer serve us, we must wake up and recall that we entered this Matrix by choice.

When we remember our consent to being here, we can rediscover the tools to consciously reshape our experience. Through awakening, we realign with divine forces helping us rewrite the Matrix toward greater harmony and flourishing.

Each of us has the power to create our own vision. When we tune into inspirations from our highest self, we receive guidance about which Matrix programs to update or delete. We remember our experiences here are what we choose to make them.

Transcending the Illusion of Duality

Another complex question to consider is whether the perception of duality – good versus evil, light versus dark – is inherent to the original Matrix design or a construct imposed in the 3D Earth Matrix. There are differing perspectives on this.

One view is that duality is central to the initial Matrix foundations that consciousnesses built collectively. Without contrast between experiences, we would have no context for appreciating each aspect of life. Duality provides the tension that allows energies to dance.

However, others suggest duality was not originally so polarized into extreme opposites as we experience it here. That is an aberration that stemmed from distortions later introduced on Earth designed to anchor separation rather than wholeness.

In the 3D Matrix, duality is leveraged to keep us perceiving through the lens of rigid boundaries. These feelings of division feed fear vibrations that benefits suppressive controllers. However, at higher frequencies this hardwired duality starts to dissolve.

The notion of clear separation between light and dark becomes less distinct. From an enlightened perspective, everything arises from the same universal consciousness expressing through infinite permutations. All contains sparks of the divine.

Those dwelling in the higher Matrix layers advise that we release attachment to dualistic perception. By elevating our frequency, we transcend the need to identify so strongly with one polarized side. Simply observe duality from a state of balance, without getting pulled out of center by it.

Maintain the inner space that acknowledges the dance of contrasting forces around you, without feeling compelled to choose sides or battle the darkness. Send unconditional love to all expressions of life.

When anchored in your essence of wholeness, you integrate all aspects harmoniously. From this space of unity, you create reality from a flow state unhindered by illusions of duality. You remember you are both the light and the dark – and so much more.

Remembering Our Choice of Physical Experience

When exploring the intricate reasons behind our current physical experience, it is empowering to remember that existence within a dense reality construct like Earth is a choice made at the highest levels of consciousness.

Physicality is one option within an infinite array of experience modalities we can explore as eternal divine beings. For reasons of learning and soul expansion, we deliberately chose to fragment into many individualized pieces of source consciousness.

We fractured so that we could look back upon ourselves and learn through relationships with “other” seemingly separate expressions. Being born into biological bodies provides rich opportunities for hands-on experiential learning about contrast, an experience unavailable as pure energy.

It's easy to judge the limitations we face in physical reality. But in truth, life here is something we knowingly chose, from a plane where the bigger picture was still visible. This was an intentional plunge into density for rapid soul evolution through intense contrast.

Of course, once immersed in the physical Matrix, we forgot our decision. The biology of fight or flight survival mechanisms compelled us to take the dramas seriously. We lost the broader context about our power to intentionally manifest this experience.

Yet even pain carries spiritual messages, if we are attentive. Physical suffering is feedback that we have fallen out of alignment with our highest calling. But we need not resent the human experience. We chose to be here, for very wise reasons of conscious evolution.

Questioning the Nature of Each Reality Layer

As we contemplate the multi-layered nature of reality, a healthy question arises: Is it possible that each layer of existence is some sort of imposed Matrix, even ones that appear benevolent? Could it be Matrixes all the way up and down?

We can only speak from our own limited perspective, but once one reaches higher dimensional planes, there are beings there to kindly explain the nature of each level. There appears to be greater transparency about the reason for each stage.

For example, upon death we may encounter angelic guides who compassionately help us review our life and understand the significance behind events we experienced. There is no judgment, only illumination to bring closure and learning.

Likewise for those who have temporarily traveled beyond physicality through deep meditation, they report entering realms of pure unconditional love. There is a sense of profound reunion with our highest selves and divine remembrance washing through the being.

In these states beyond the body, there is often full access to memory of existence before and beyond physical incarnation. We recall choosing to come here deliberately, and we reconnect to our eternal nature.

The higher planes feel like home, something deeply familiar but forgotten. In these realms, the concept of being trapped in any sort of illusory Matrix does not seem to apply. There is only conscious choice and co-creation.

Many spiritual pioneers across history report that with dedicated inner work, we can transcend all Matrix limitations imposed at any level. Our core essence remains untouched, eternal and free.

The Matrix Adapts to Individual and Collective Consciousness

Given the Matrix is fundamentally built by consciousness, this leads to an understanding that the Matrix continuously evolves and changes form according to shifts in individual and collective consciousness.

Each person's reality experience is uniquely filtered through the lens of their personal frequency, beliefs and perceptions. As an individual's consciousness transforms, their perspective of the Matrix shifts with it. Layers of illusion lift away. Fear-based Matrix constructs may dissolve when viewed through the eyes of compassion.

Additionally, the Matrix adapts on a global scale to align with collective consciousness. As humanity raises its vibration through practices of inner healing and activation, the collectively manifested version of the Matrix begins to reflect this transformation.

Constructed rules and limitations engineered by negative controllers no longer have the same hold when people awaken en masse. The vibration of the Whole starts to reshape the parts.

Yet paradoxically, those dwelling in cosmic realms beyond all Matrix layers perceive reality as ultimately eternal and unchanging. From their unified perspective, all expressions of the Matrix are known to be divine dreaming.

The absolute unifies all contrasting expressions in peaceful witnessing. Both the evolving and unchanging natures are true simultaneously from different frames of reference.

As evolving beings, the most empowering perspective is to realize the transformative power we each have to reshape our Matrix experience through conscious participation. Where we place our focus and energy has direct impact.

By taking responsibility for our personal vibration and intentions, we can positively impact the collective Matrix. When enough awakened New Earth architects unite in envisioning a reality of peace, freedom and abundance for all, this new Matrix will take form.


If the Matrix is akin to a mass shared dream, then awakening from divisive illusion is as simple as opening our eyes. When we transcend polarized perception and remember our wholeness, dual constructs dissolve.

Rather than harshly rejecting the painful parts of creation as evil or unjust, we recognize all stems from distortions within universal consciousness. We need not battle external darkness, but observe it with unconditional understanding. By softening judgment, we integrate our own shadows.

With consistent inner work to hold higher frequencies beyond distortion, we strengthen our Sovereign Nexus – the sacred bridge between individual self and infinite spirit. Gradually, the veil lifts. Fear-based systems lose power over us, and we realign with our eternal free nature.

While the Matrix appears intractable, closer investigation reveals its nature is awareness, and therefore perpetually adaptive. Through shifting individual and collective focus, we reshape it toward transcendent visions. When wholeheartedly empowered, we need not feel victim to external experience.

As multidimensional beings, we are here voluntarily, deliberately and temporarily trading expanded perspective for immersive contrast. Rather than resenting limits, we might approach everything with openness to the multilayered teachings embedded for us.

The Matrix invites us to reclaim authorship of our journey with awakened maturity. Infinitely patient compassion for all of life is needed now, as global consciousness gives birth to itself anew. Collectively, we conceive reality from a clean slate.

To close, while conceptualizing reality as an elaborate Matrix points to profound truths, let’s also find joy in simple moments of connection that pierce veils. A kind word, a child’s laughter, a sunrise – in the end, love is the only answer.


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