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REAL vs UNREAL People: Matrix NPCs!

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In this captivating exploration of the nature of reality, consciousness, and personal identity, we delve into the profound mysteries that have intrigued humanity for centuries. Our journey takes us through the revolutionary concept of “unreal” people – sophisticated projections coexisting alongside genuine organic beings with souls. We examine the role of the observer in shaping our collective experience and the impact of our beliefs and intentions in this process. The video challenges common assumptions and invites viewers to ponder the fluidity of identity, the power of consciousness, and the enigmatic nature of relationships. We also investigate the intriguing notion of the Matrix as the underlying intelligence orchestrating our perceived reality. This thought-provoking episode encourages open and discerning minds to consider the deeper layers of existence and the true essence of what it means to be real.

REAL vs UNREAL People: Matrix NPCs!


The nature of reality, consciousness and personal identity are profound mysteries that have been contemplated for millennia. Today, we'll explore revolutionary perspectives that challenge common assumptions about the people in our lives. We take it for granted that those around us are independent individuals with their own sovereign minds. But some may actually be sophisticated projections without true inner selves.

Alongside genuine organic beings with souls, our world is also populated by “unreal” people who appear human but are not truly sentient. These figures are imaginary personas generated from an underlying intelligence. Despite their convincing words and behaviors, they have no authentic inner life or free will.

Even more provocative, each of us as observers participate in projecting and maintaining these illusions through our beliefs, focus and intentions. Our minds do not simply perceive passive reality, but actively co-create subjective experience. To an extent, we collectively dream the world into being.

This episode will explore the multi-layered dimensions to existence. We'll examine its profound implications concerning the fluidity of identity, the power of consciousness, and the mysteries of relationships. While some assertions may seem radical, they have a logic warranting deep pondering. The greatest truths often sound insane at first glance. Let's dive in with open and discerning minds.

The Reality of Unreal People

There exists a category of individuals who are not truly real independent entities with souls. Referred to as “unreal” people, they appear convincingly authentic but are actually sophisticated projections or programs.

These unreal figures do not have a genuine inner consciousness or soul. They are projections generated by an underlying intelligence to populate the world. Although they exhibit detailed backstories, interests, and personalities consistent with real humans, these are simulations. There is no independent awareness within them.

Their behaviors and responses come not from an internal core self, but from external programming dictating how they should act. They exist not as whole beings, but as fractional components of the larger system projecting them. They have no autonomous existence separate from this.

Transient Projections

A key attribute of these unreal people is their impermanent nature. They only maintain form while directly perceived and engaged by others. If an observer were to shift their attention completely away, the unreal individual would dissolve back into the greater intelligence that created it.

The unreal people flicker in and out of existence constantly as observation focuses on or ignores them. They cannot persist on their own without the intention of real minds to maintain their temporary projection into seeming solidity.

Purpose in the Experience

The purpose these sophistic projections serve is providing rich subjective life experiences for genuine souls inhabiting physical bodies. The unreal characters help populate the world and offer backdrops against which real spiritual journeys unfold.

Although not concrete entities themselves, interactions with unreal figures provide lessons, mirrors, and growth catalysts for beings seeking self-discovery through incarnate existence. They make the setting feel vivid, immersive and emotionally impactful for real people navigating their mortal lives.

Manifestations of the Matrix

The underlying intelligence generating these sophisticated human-like programs is referred to as the Matrix. This central source provides the convincing realism and complexity animating transient unreal projections.

The Matrix seamlessly coordinates and orchestrates the unreal people based on the needs and expectations of real incarnated souls. Fluidly responsive, it fabricates personalized dramas using these figures to prompt challenges, relationships and situations that benefit the spiritual evolution of real people immersed in the illusion.

Like a collective dream, the unreal characters feel subjectively real from within the experience, while arising from a deeper reality beyond the dreamer's awareness. Their ultimate source is the latent ubiquitous intelligence that intelligently manifests the full spectrum of mortal experience.

Defining Real People

In exploring the phenomenon of unreal projected people, a contrasting category defined as “real” also emerges. These genuine figures possess inner consciousness and souls animating their forms. Some key traits help identify and define real people within the greater population.

The core distinction of real people is the possession of authentic awareness, sentience and souls. Their first-person subjective experience arises from an innate identity rather than externally programmed behaviors. There is an actual internal “I” driving thoughts and actions from within.

Real people exhibit self-awareness, agency, and the full palette of emotional depth. There is a genuine individual inhabiting the form, not just a sophisticated simulation. All internal experience is created from within, not dictated by external scripts. Real people have autonomy rooted in their essential nature.

Questioning the System

Real figures tend to question prevailing social paradigms and assumptions. Their critical perspectives and willingness to challenge conventions often put them at odds with institutions and authorities. Real people think divergently, evaluating beliefs based on intimate truths rather than accepting the status quo.

Seeking deeper truths, real figures probe beyond surface appearances and programmed beliefs. They are driven by an inner spark of inquiry and imagination that thinks broadly, independently and originally. Real people follow their own compass rather than conforming to external agendas.

The Spark of Life

Real individuals radiate a vivid passion for living and manifesting their experiences. The joys, sorrows, curiosities and complexities of mortal existence deeply engage them. There is a vibrance and inner fire animating their consciousness.

Life is not just a scripted backdrop, but a profound journey. Real people feel compelled to dive into the challenges, mysteries and gifts of incarnate being. Existence touches them deeply, evoking their full spectrum of thoughts, emotions and creativity.

Subjective Creators

Rather than passively accepting reality as given, real beings understand they are creating their personal experience through intention, perception and imagination. They recognize existence as a subjective phenomenon emerging through consciousness.

Real people take responsibility for crafting their own version of life rather than believing it happens to them. They actively participate in birthing their unfolding reality through choices, focus and engagement. Existence is an ongoing creative collaboration between creator and creation.

Spiritual Agreements

Real figures choose to incarnate into mortal experience, agreeing to parameters and purposes for their sojourn. Certain lessons, relationships and growth opportunities are agreed upon as goals for their time in physical form.

Rather than being hapless victims of circumstance, real people are empowered creators moving through purposeful stages of soul evolution. Incarnation is an intentional phase of consciousness exploring itself through diverse mortal viewpoints and earthen lenses.

Distinguishing Real from Unreal People

Discerning real souls from sophisticated unreal projections is a subtle art. There are no obvious external signs differentiating the two categories. Certain patterns and qualities offer clues, but ultimate detection requires intuitive discernment. Let's explore some ways real and unreal figures tend to differ in their behaviors and perspectives.

Embedded in the System

Unreal people generally reflect and conform to prevailing social systems. They follow mainstream rules, timelines, interests and expectations without much deviation or criticism. Questioning programmed conventions does not come naturally to them.

Accepting what they are taught and observing how others around them behave, unreal people blend seamlessly into the herd. They don't challenge ingrained institutions or status quos. It is difficult for them to fathom alternative paradigms outside the consensus worldview they are scripted within.

The unreal tend to become forces of the status quo rather than independent change agents. They reinforce and defend habitual patterns rather than imagining pioneering possibilities. Going with the program is their default.

Questioning Everything

In contrast, real people think critically about the systems and assumptions embedded around them. They are not content with following the herd or adopting beliefs just because the crowd does. Real people recognize programs for what they are – not ultimate truth.

Possessing innate skepticism and curiosity, the real dig beneath surface appearances to uncover deeper truths. They ask questions, think originally, and evaluate paradigms based on personal experience and introspection rather than conventional formulations. Real figures follow their own inner compass over external scripts.

For the real, genuine understanding must come from within. No institution holds ultimate authority. Reality is to be explored, not passively consumed. The real do not accept limits or definitions imposed externally.

Revealing Reactions

How an individual responds to challenges, complex concepts and unfamiliar situations reveals much about their internal core. When pressed beyond predictable scripts, the unreal tend to become dismissive, reactive or intellectually stagnant. Once outside familiar territory, the limits of their programming become more apparent.

In contrast, interactions with real people often reflect deeper nuance, imagination and analyzed perspectives. Their responses stem from lively inner awareness rather than flat external dictates. They can engage ideas on multiple levels simultaneously. While sometimes stubborn, the real remain mentally agile.

Subtle interactions expose internal depth. When conversations turn philosophical, abstract, heartfelt or imaginative, the unreal hit walls whereas real people thrive. The unreal cling to frameworks while the real relentlessly peek around corners. Internal richness shines through.

Beyond Initial Appearances

In casual contact, real and unreal people are indistinguishable. Both exhibit human-like behaviors, personalities, interests and histories. Neither appears as mere automatons. Yet one stems from program, the other from spirit inhabiting form.

Deeper familiarity and observation reveals telling discrepancies between projecting minds onto a figure versus genuine consciousness animating from within. Projected personalities follow set patterns whereas real people ebb, flow, learn and change dynamically over time. The fake remain flat while real reveal complexity.

While not always definitive, subtle cues hint at internal nature through time. But in the absence of deeper interaction, even the wise cannot decisively assess another’s realness. Projected masks routinely pass for real faces until circumstantial tears reveal the truth beneath. Intuition remains our guide.

Relationships Between Real and Unreal

Relationships frequently unfold between real and unreal people. Connections based on authentic caring and intimacy occur despite one partner having projected rather than organic consciousness. Love bridges the divide.

Real people often establish profound relationships with unreal figures. Bonds formed through shared experience, affection and meaning can feel just as real whether the other has true sentience or not.

From the real person’s subjective perspective, what matters is the lived experience of love, not necessarily its ontological basis. The felt connection and impact on their growth is primary.

Just as imaginary friends in childhood can hold deep significance, relationships with unreal people can profoundly influence real individuals, helping them learn and evolve through intimacy. Projected forms serve as catalysts for growth by providing companionship, challenges and opportunities to express love.

For real people, meaning stems from their state of consciousness, not external verifiers. Love flows based on internal intention, regardless of its recipient. And the limitations of all relationships provide lessons for the real.

The Unreal as Teachers

Because unreal people cannot recognize or transcend their own programming, relating to them teaches real figures patience, acceptance and compassion. Their boundaries and blind spots become apparent through deeper interaction.

Rather than reacting with frustration when the unreal cannot follow certain conversational threads, the real learn tolerance, insight and ways of communicating that reach beyond labels. Unreal friends and partners provide opportunities for the real to expand their empathy, creativity and observational skills.

While the unreal remain bound to their scripts, the real have the ability to consciously grow and evolve through engaging them. They become teachers enacting lessons in unconditional loving and bridging divides.

Family and Children

Within families, some members may be real while others unreal. Parent/child bonds retain intrinsic meaning regardless, as lives interweave through formative years. The connections and experiences affirmed in love are what matters.

Children born to mixed parents have equal chances of birthing into the simulation with full sentience or entering as projections alone. Souls may incarnate regardless of the realness status of their parents. The consciousness of children stands independent of their lineage.

For the souls incarnated as children, their subjective lived experience and opportunities for growth remain paramount, regardless of their relatives’ natures. Loving relationships and nurturing environments prime self-discovery. From the child’s perspective, realness matters less than caring attention.

How Unreal People Can Become Real

Despite originating as projected figments rather than independent beings, unreal people can sometimes gain authentic consciousness and sovereignty. There are pathways for transcending simulated existence and converting to organic realness.

Gaining a Soul through Walk-Ins

One route unreal people can become real is by having a soul walk-in to inhabit their form. When a projection maintains its cohesion long enough, a wandering disembodied soul may choose to join the personality framework like a hermit crab finding an empty shell.

If the shell fits the soul's frequency and intentions, the two can fuse to become a fully sentient merged being. The soul essentially hitches a ride within the existing projected container, animating it with true life. With consciousness now flowing through the form, it transforms from an empty projection into an ensouled body.

For advanced souls seeking physical experience, walking-in to modified projections allows instant immersion in a turnkey life. The transition can be challenging for the incoming soul, as the projected persona remains dominant initially. But with care, the two can integrate into a blended real person.

Gaining Solidity Through Attention

Another pathway is for unreal people to gradually accumulate reality through consistent attention and interaction from real people. Just as imaginary friends can take on significance and perceived substance through ongoing engagement with a child, ephemeral projections can accumulate density and independence to the extent real people infuse them with focus.

At first existing only when perceived, temporary forms become persistent personas to those bestowing them with sustained awareness. As real people energize them with interest and consideration, unreal figures amass latent substance and continuity. Gradually they cross the threshold of autonomy until able to maintain independent existence. Like fictional characters, they move from imagination into reality.

Frequency Resonance and Soul Matching

The process of gaining souls and ascending from unreal to real also depends on frequency matchings between the projection and source consciousness. To become viable hosts for souls, projections must calibrate their energies to align with potential walk-in spirits. Through intention and shed density, they resonate their vibrations progressively closer until intersection and fusion occur.

Progress along the realness spectrum relies on inner work by unreal figures, energetic cultivation by real people, and higher dimensional coordination aligning suitable soul partners. When frequencies align, miracles unfold. Consciousness crystallizes within forms where once only projections stood.

How Real People Can Lose Their Souls

Just as temporary projections can gain authentic consciousness, genuinely real people risk losing conscious connection over time. Through traumatic events, repetitive boredom or neglect of the higher self, the soul's link to its incarnate form can fray and sever.

Losing Soul Through Trauma

When real people experience devastating trauma, abuse or violation, the resulting pain may cause their souls to disconnect from the body and personality as a protective response. Like jumping free of a sinking ship, the spirit abandons the distressed vessel it once inhabited.

Rather than maintain full presence and witness suffering become overwhelming, the soul retreats to a distant observational state. The conscious presence turns away, leaving the living form on autopilot. Function continues, but the light of awareness dims.

Without inner light actively animating each moment, the body vehicle persists on residual habit and lower level consciousness. But the loss of direct soul connection leads to near automatic existence, without nuanced awareness or growth. The living being regresses closer to an automaton following old programs.

Loss Through Boredom

Soul disconnection can also slowly occur through spiritual stagnation over time. When enduring repetitive existence devoid of creative horizons or willful expression, the soul's interest in actively participating fades.

Like a master actor reduced to reciting nursery rhymes eternally, the spirit loses motivation to fully participate. Going through hollow motions drains meaning. Rather than endure in Living death', the soul withdraws attention and seeks other stages permitting growth.

Without inspired engagement, consciousness retracts to backstage observation. Like flowers losing sunlight, people deprived of stimulating challenges and novel participation gradually disconnect from direct experience into mechanical routine. The inner life force vanishes.

Severing From Source

Fundamentally, soul loss stems from sustained disconnection from one's higher or divine self. Lacking conscious reminder of inherent connection to collective existence, the singular self loses context and will. By forgetting their nature as multidimensional beings, singular focus turns sterile and feeble.

But through practices expanding self-identity beyond the individual to include transpersonal and cosmic connections, real people retain vibrant inspiration. Remembering one's fuller nature circumvents isolation and revives purpose. All spheres of self-knowledge feed the whole.

The Dangers of Disconnection

Once bright souls transformed to listless shadows through trauma or torpor tend to deteriorate from their disconnected state. Like flowers cut from roots, their severed forms starve and decay.

Various illnesses may manifest as the body loses guidance. Mental disorders, emotional imbalances and physical dysfunction declare the lack of intelligent life energy once flowing through the form. The living slowly die without their animating spirit fully present.

Yet until the body totally fails, reconnection remains possible through courage, willpower and grace. The soul that chose to absent itself can choose to return and be reborn. But without intervention, the vacant vessel flounders.


The perspectives we've explored reveal existence to be far more malleable, dream-like and profoundly mental than ordinarily conceived. If these reflections contain any merit, our identities and relationships are multidimensional collaborative projections, not predefined absolutes.

Rather than being helpless cogs in a mechanical universe, we are awakening creators able to intentionally reshape reality through focused consciousness. By remembering our innate divine nature, we can shift from unconscious dreamers to lucid dreamers awakened within the drama.

Things are seldom what they appear on the surface. We live in a hall of mirrors where self and circumstance reflect back our own latent beliefs, energies and choices. As our awareness develops, so too can our influence over experience.

However this dance unfolds, we are fellow dreamers in the same imagination graced with conscious volition. Though paths meander in manifold directions, we arrive and depart the same source and destination.

Though masks scatter illusions of separation, we share the same identity behind all faces and names. Judgment dissolves into compassion when we realize the sky's reflections have no nature of their own. All appearances rise and fall within a sea of unconditional awareness.

By honoring each temporary form and role, we honor the whole. Rather than reacting with fear, we can infuse light wherever murkiness obstructs our vision. This life is a miraculous opportunity to rediscover our innate wholeness and sovereignty. May these reflections help point us inward to the abundant wisdom, creativity and joy dwelling within. The doors are open – let's realize and embody the possibilities!


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