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In this eye-opening video, we delve deep into the unspoken truths of mainstream science, uncovering how it has become a tool for control and suppression rather than a beacon of free inquiry. We explore the stark contrast between the materialistic dogma preached by scientific institutions and the expansive realms of consciousness, spirituality, and multidimensional reality. The video sheds light on the systematic suppression of transformative discoveries, like those of Nikola Tesla, and the manipulation of scientific information to serve powerful agendas. It’s a call to reclaim our intellectual sovereignty, challenge orthodox views, and embrace a broader spectrum of knowledge that transcends the narrow confines of conventional science. Join us in this daring journey beyond the conventional, into a world where science and spirituality converge, and the true potential of humanity is unlocked.



The scientific establishment as we know it operates more like a modern priesthood than an unbiased platform for understanding reality. Rather than openly exploring the unknown, mainstream science rigidly enforces a limited worldview that denies anything beyond strict materialism. Discoveries and theories that challenge this paradigm are suppressed or discredited regardless of their validity. Information is tightly controlled and filtered to reinforce the agendas of those in power rather than expand knowledge for humanity's benefit.

In this episode, we'll examine how mainstream science functions as an extension of the matrix of control, keeping humanity blinded to the deeper truths of our existence in order to maintain dominance. We'll explore how mainstream science became hijacked as a tool of social engineering and indoctrination. The topics covered provide an inside look at the corruption of modern institutional science and the vast realms of knowledge that have been hidden and denied access to the public.

Reclaiming our intellectual sovereignty is key to dismantling obsolete structures of deception and glimpsing new horizons of possibility. This begins by questioning orthodoxy, thinking critically, and cultivating our inner wisdom. When we expand our awareness beyond the mainstream box, we empower ourselves to envisage realities greater than those permitted within the confined thought-corridors we're told to accept. The truth that sets us free awaits beyond controlled versions of science designed to limit and enslave.

Science on Earth Serves the Powerful, Not the People

Science on Earth is tightly controlled by those in power and fails to present the full truth about our reality. The information given to the general public by mainstream scientific institutions is highly filtered and crafted to serve agendas rather than reveal accuracy.

There are essentially two kinds of science happening on Earth – the science released to the masses, and the hidden science used by controllers and elites. What we're told is only a tiny fraction of what is known. Mainstream science is a tool of control, not liberation.

Discoveries That Challenge Control Are Suppressed

Mainstream science discredits, ignores, and suppresses anything that could threaten the agendas of those in control. Revolutionary discoveries and inventions are buried if they don't fit the narrative. The work of brilliants like Nikola Tesla, who developed extraordinary technologies like free energy, are erased from scientific history for not having an “exploitable purpose”. Anything that could set humanity free is seen as dangerous by the powers that be.

Unpowerful Theories Presented as Fact

The scientific establishment operates much like a modern priesthood, presenting unprovable theories as undebatable truths. We're told to have faith in concepts like string theory, dark matter and the Big Bang even though they are mathematical abstractions that can never be empirically verified. The scientific method has been turned on its head. Facts are whatever those in authority declare them to be. Challenging the orthodox worldview is discouraged in favor of blind adherence to scientific dogma.

Materialistic Worldview Obscures Higher Truths

Mainstream science is entirely materialistic, ignoring vast realms of knowledge relating to consciousness, spirituality, and the multidimensional nature of reality. Anything non-physical is dismissed as imagination or delusion. This disconnects us from our inner wisdom and access to higher truths. Science has become a box built by, and for, the matrix of control. Those who try to operate outside this box are marginalized and neutralized, their work suppressed, stolen or destroyed.

Limited Perception Leads to Limited Science

The myopic worldview of mainstream science can never explain cosmic matters accurately since things like free energy and antigravity propulsion rely on forces that incorporate consciousness and the unseen realms disavowed by rigid materialism. Mainstream science is fatally flawed right from its foundation. It's like trying to build a skyscraper on a sinking swamp.

Mainstream science is limited to what can be perceived with five senses from a 3D physical perspective. Anything beyond this narrow slice of reality is excluded, including most of the actual cosmos. This is like the whole universe as seen through a peephole on a door, declaring that the tiny fraction observable is all that exists. Limited awareness inevitably leads to limited science.

Unconventional Ideas Face Ridicule and Rejection

Rather than being based on open-minded inquiry into the unknown, mainstream science operates via an enclosing intellectual control system that first discredits then absorbs unconventional information in tightly moderated doses, only after denying its legitimacy for decades. This way it maintains dominance and control of the narrative.

Any scientists operating outside accepted dogma face ridicule or professional ruin. Evidence challenging orthodoxy is ignored and suppressed. All data from space agencies and advanced telescopes is controlled by the cabal and lacking in truth. We have to decouple from the need for “authority” and realize that external validation does not determine what's real or possible.

Expanding Awareness Expands Credibility

Expanding our consciousness and what we deem credible is less about acquiring new information than unveiling existing inner knowledge. Dogmatic skepticism and rejection of unconventional ideas generally has more to do with defending a fragile worldview than evaluating evidence. It also hampers the mainstream paradigm from evolving.

Trust Your Own Discernment

Instead of waiting for the high priests of science to tell us what's real, we have to trust our own authority and cultivate direct knowing freed from indoctrination. No amount of manipulation and censorship can stop an idea whose time has come. As more of us reclaim our sovereignty and power to choose, the façade of mainstream science will collapse revealing infinite possibilities.

The realization of our limitless potential hinges on transcending the reductionist, deterministic, and materialistic pop science programmed into us through control. This limited and disempowering worldview serves only to enforce ignorance and obedience to decaying old structures of dominance.

Let us reimagine a science that reconnects us to nature and the cosmos, using technology to flourish rather than enslave. One that values life over profits and which empowers the many rather than the few. We already have all the solutions we need waiting in the vast uncharted terrain mainstream science cannot and will not explore. The truth will set us free.

Mainstream Science Rejects the Non-Physical

Mainstream science is entirely materialistic, rigidly denying the existence of anything non-physical or spiritual. Consciousness is seen as just a byproduct of the brain rather than a universal force. This worldview cuts humanity off from higher wisdom and multidimensional realities.

By rejecting all inner knowledge and declaring only physical matter as real, mainstream science disconnects people from their true divine nature. It fosters an empty, soulless view of life as a random coincidence arising from dead inert matter. Spiritual awakening and transcendence are dismissed as fantasy or mental illness.

This cultivates disillusionment and despair by reducing human beings to biological machines in a cold, indifferent universe devoid of meaning or purpose beyond temporary animal survival and gratification. Materialism imprisons consciousness in a small box of chemicals and neurons. It is scientific fundamentalism that causes untold suffering by isolating us from our deepest truths.

The Priesthood of Official Science

Mainstream science has become a dogmatic priesthood, rigidly enforcing what is acceptable to think, investigate or discuss. Unorthodox theories are forbidden regardless of their evidence. Scientists must seek the blessing of “authorities” to research anything outside materialism, or face excommunication through ridicule and career destruction.

This modern inquisition punishes heresy against mainstream dogma with an irrational fervor that stifles progress. Even solid facts that contradict orthodoxy are ignored and suppressed because they undermine the credibility of the priesthood. Reality is not allowed to interfere with scientific scripture. The quest for power and control has corrupted science.

Anything outside the tiny bubble of the physical is “debunked” and rejected out of hand by this priesthood. But just because something is ridiculed by those whose worldview denies it, does not mean it is untrue. After all, the Earth being round was once considered outrageous sacrilege by the dominant religious and intellectual authorities.

Dismissing Entire Realms of Knowledge

The total denial by mainstream science of consciousness, free will, and spirituality is not based on evidence, but unwillingness to allow anything beyond a sterile mechanical view of life. This closed-mindedness cuts us off from deeper dimensions of our own consciousness which give access to advanced technologies and knowledge.

Mainstream science cannot explain superluminal phenomena like black budget craft moving faster than light, free energy, antigravity, remote viewing, lucid dreaming or astral projection because these require incorporating non-physical states of consciousness and energy it adamantly rejects. This willful ignorance cripples science from progressing beyond rudimentary physics.

Free energy technology alone would profoundly transform life on Earth for the better. But it relies on interacting with the quantum vacuum or zero point field – something impossible to explain rationally without acknowledging the reality of consciousness. Mainstream science would need to radically expand its cosmology to properly understand free energy, which would jeopardize the credibility of their entire paradigm.

The Hubris of Reductionism

The reductionist approach of mainstream science that breaks down complex systems into isolated parts removes all larger context and fails to see the forest for the trees. It is an absurdly limited way to study the world that misses the key properties which emerge from the interrelationship between parts that create a whole.

Studying water molecules alone reveals little about the collective behaviors that give rise to ocean waves, rivers or whirlpools. Looking at individual cogs and gears provides no insight into the higher functioning of a clock. Reductionism is philosophically hopeless when applied to understanding life.

Mainstream science arrogantly believes the narrow sliver of reality it has quantified through reductionism is all that exists. It cannot accept phenomena beyond its reach. But the map is not the territory, and the portion of the universe science has described is but a tiny fraction of the greater whole. There are entire realms invisible to those wearing scientific blinders.

To compound this hubris, mainstream science then attempts to reduce aspects of consciousness and spirituality down to physical origins, impotently grasping at straws trying to force intangible experiences into a materialist framework. This is like trying to comprehend a sunset through chemical analysis of pigment molecules in the atmosphere. Reductionism cannot capture the profound.

Expanding Our Horizon

Rather than limiting our vision, let us reimagine a science that reconnects us to the living cosmos and our divine nature. One that embraces the numinous qualities of life as well as the physical. This more holistic science would revitalize our worldview with meaning and magic, and unleash incredible new technologies aligned with thriving rather than dominating. The possibilities are boundless.

All the breakthroughs we need have already been uncovered in classified projects and ancient wisdom traditions. Exotic clean energy technologies could restore our planet. Antigravity and wormhole travel would open the stars to humanity. We already possess the solutions to our challenges, we just need the courage to dismantle the barriers of the old paradigm erected to keep us stuck and enslaved. The realization of our limitless potential hinges on boldly expanding the scientific horizon.

Determinism Disempowers Humanity

Mainstream science promotes a doctrine of determinism which states that all events, including human thoughts and actions, are pre-determined by previous causes external to the will or consciousness of the individual. This removes human responsibility and hands over control to whomever is deemed the “authority” able to direct society and individuals based on their limited deterministic worldview.

By declaring free will an illusion and people helplessly controlled by genes, environment and stimuli, determinism breeds a psychology of victimhood where we relinquish our sovereignty to external forces. It's the perfect philosophy for social control and subjugation – make people believe they have no real power to affect change.

Determinism denies our ability to transcend circumstance through awareness and conscious choice. Its disempowering assumptions become self-fulfilling prophecies of limitation. However, the doctrine of determinism is just that – an assumption not backed by scientific evidence. The reality is consciousness itself is non-physical and transcendent, not bound by materialism. We are far greater than just products of chemicals and conditioning.

When we recognize our capacity for free thought and sovereign action, we can profoundly transform our lives and world. The deterministic prejudices of mainstream science have no actual power other than the power we give them through belief and acquiescence. It's time to take back our freedom and write our own destiny. The future is always open to conscious creation.

The Multidimensional Cosmos

Mainstream science is limited to studying only the tiny sliver of observable physical reality accessible through our five senses and current technology. It rejects and denies the existence of anything beyond the material world. But the cosmos is far more than just the physical dimension perceivable at this limited level of consciousness.

The universe is comprised of a vast spectrum of dimensions, planes and realities far beyond what mainstream science can conceive of much less study in its stubbornly myopic state. Spiritual traditions and advanced theoretical physics both agree that the totality encompasses worlds upon worlds in a boundless, multidimensional hierarchy where the physical is just one plane among countless others.

However, the closed-minded stance of mainstream science makes it impossible to understand the larger cosmic context. Clinging rigidly to an obsolete worldview rooted in 18th century Newtonian physics, mainstream science cannot advance our knowledge into new frontiers or revolutionary breakthroughs that require expanding the boundaries of what is considered real or possible.

This adherence to an outdated but familiar paradigm blocks mainstream science from discovering the unfathomably profound mysteries and advanced technologies that become available when we transcend physicalist limitations and acknowledge universal consciousness and the sacred, spiritual essence of reality.

The Resistance to Change

Rather than openly exploring the unknown, mainstream science operates more like a control system that first denies, ridicules and suppresses anything challenging orthodoxy in order to preserve status and credibility. It only gradually and grudgingly accepts revolutionary concepts after resisting them for decades. Even then, the permitted explanations are tightly constrained to mechanistic, reductionist interpretations that minimize the deeper metaphysical implications and mystery.

This process of resisting then tenuously acknowledging limited aspects of novel theories is seen with the quantum revolution, where principles like entanglement, waveform collapse and the observer effect clearly point to a primary role for consciousness in the workings of reality. Mainstream science refuses to acknowledge this and struggles unsuccessfully to reconcile quantum phenomena with deterministic materialism.

Another example is the Zero Point Field or quantum vacuum field which is the backdrop of the universe but ignored by mainstream science despite being necessary to explain anomalies like the Casimir effect. Recognizing the objective existence of such an all-pervasive energetic field has profound metaphysical connotations regarding the true nature of our reality. Therefore it is denied and shunned by the orthodoxy.

Mathematical Abstractions vs. Reality

Mainstream science falls into the trap of confusing mathematical models for actual proof and evidence. Equations are just calculations and algorithms, abstractions which may or may not accurately reflect reality. they are not reality itself. Mathematics is a language used to describe physical phenomena, not the source of the phenomena itself. But mainstream science often elevates mathematical formulations to the status of proven truth while ignoring contradictions with observation and experience.

A classic example is the conflict between quantum mechanics and general relativity, which provide two mutually exclusive explanations for the structure of the universe based on different mathematical models. Both are considered scientifically valid despite the obvious logical impossibility that two contradicting descriptions can both be true at the same time.

Rather than acknowledge the inherent limitations of their mathematical language to capture the multidimensional totality, mainstream scientists simply ignore the paradox and carry on with theories rooted in calculations rather than nature. However no amount of mathematical gymnastics can distort or disguise the reality that the map is not the territory. Reality is fundamentally symbolic, metaphorical and subjective, not the cold dead equations of mainstream science.

Unscientific Theories Presented as Fact

Mainstream science violates its own principles by presenting speculative theories like string theory as undisputed fact despite no experimental proof. String theory proposes that the universe is made up of multidimensional vibrating strings too small to detect. It elegantly unites quantum mechanics and relativity mathematically, but there is no way to empirically test or falsify it.

Yet popular science outlets and academia speak of string theory as an established description of reality proven true. This is highly unethical and unscientific. It trains the public to accept mathematical abstractions as equivalent to experimental verification. It is an attempt to push science further into metaphysics while denying it is doing so. This irrational blind faith in equations over evidence collapses mainstream science from an objective process into just another belief system.

Suppressing Inconvenient Truths

Scientists who dare to research concepts or discoveries that challenge the mainstream status quo are quickly suppressed and discredited regardless of the validity of their work. Their careers and reputations are ruined through ridicule, denial of funding and legal threats. Challenging orthodoxy results in excommunication. This leaves only the most courageous independent thinkers to carry on their work in the fringe without support.

Documented examples like the invention of water fueled cars, breakthrough energy technologies and alternative health therapies prove that mainstream science functions as a system of control to preserve existing power structures, not an unbiased platform for exploration. The discoveries that would truly progress humanity are suppressed.

Information Control by Authorities

All data and images from space agencies, satellites, telescopes and observatories are controlled by intelligence agencies and edited before public release. We have no direct access to their findings. Whistleblowers have confirmed that much of the actual information about space, the sun, planets and other anomalous sightings is classified and hidden from the public to enforce mainstream narratives.

The authorities that control official science choose what to disclose based on maintaining stories that reinforce assumed limitations and sense of separation from the rest of the cosmos. While the public receives sanitized snippets and airbrushed photos supporting existing models, the truth about advanced civilizations, exotic technology and conscious nonlocality is buried and denied. We cannot blindly trust controlled institutions for an accurate picture of reality.

Unquestioning Faith in “Experts”

The general population has been conditioned to unconsciously defer to perceived scientific “experts” and academia as the authoritative sources of credible knowledge while dismissing their own innate wisdom and ability to think critically. People automatically believe whatever the mainstream institutions say just because of their social status even when presented with clear evidence to the contrary. This blind faith gives away power.

In reality, prestigious institutional credentials are no guarantee of ethics or accuracy. The drive for prestige and funding corrupts science into agenda-driven pseudoscience. We need to reclaim our inner authority rather than automatically believing anything presented in the guise of expertise or officialdom. Neither credentials nor titles confer infallibility. The complacent acceptance of hand-picked narratives disempowers us.

Expanding Awareness Beyond Controlled Paradigms

The realization of our true limitless potential hinges on transcending the controlled tunnel vision of mainstream belief systems. Expanding our consciousness beyond conditioned limitations and social engineering enables us to tap into the profound truths encoded in our beings.

There are realities and abilities still not dreamt of within mainstream science waiting to be explored by the liberated human spirit. We do not need external authorities dictating what is or isn't possible. By going within and reconnecting with our inner wisdom and the living cosmos, we reclaim our sovereignty to create empowered lives beyond imposed limitations. The shackles are only as strong as our belief in them. We can step into our greatness anytime we choose.

Expanding Awareness Beyond the Mainstream Box

The rigid constraints of the mainstream scientific worldview act like blinders on our minds, limiting our ability to perceive expanded realities. However, as we broaden our consciousness and challenge orthodox assumptions, we transcend the reductionist box of sanctioned thought and unlock our higher potentials.

Mainstream science denies anything non-physical or unexplainable by its current theories. This narrow, rigid perspective filters out wider truths, higher knowledge and mystical phenomena beyond the limits of accepted dogma. To go beyond this confined view, we must open our minds to realities suppressed by mainstream indoctrination.

Expanding our awareness beyond the boundaries of the dominant paradigm allows us to reconnect with our spiritual essence and rediscover our innate wholeness. The more we explore expanded consciousness, the more we realize that magic, meaning and mystery inhere within everything. Our souls remember what the mind has forgotten.

Dogmatic Skepticism as Denial

When confronted with evidence contradicting entrenched beliefs, the common response is often aggressive skepticism and denial. But this knee-jerk rejection frequently stems from insecurity, fear and resistance to change rather than genuine critical thinking. It shields mainstream assumptions from being falsified.

Institutional science uses skepticism as a weapon to defend its intellectual territory rather than a rational method of evaluating data. When new discoveries challenge established models, they are dismissed as impossible without proper consideration. This undermines the true spirit of inquiry.

Non-conformist ideas are rejected not based on accuracy but on the need to preserve status and credibility within the mainstream worldview. Real understanding however frequently begins by questioning orthodoxy. Evidence should be assessed objectively, not filtered to prop up foregone conclusions. Being open to revising even the most “solid” beliefs is essential for discovery.

Reclaim Your Authority

We have been conditioned to automatically trust the conclusions of designated “authorities” while denying our own ability to directly discern the truth. However, relying on others to define what is real for us is disempowering and disconnects us from our inner wisdom.

In truth, external validation does not determine the legitimacy or worthiness of something. No institution or expert knows you better than you know yourself. Reclaim the sovereignty to think freely and choose for yourself what resonates as meaningful and true.

Tune into your innate inner guidance and make up your own mind. Be wary of any “truths” handed down by self-appointed authorities intent on limiting your beliefs and controlling your perceptions for their own agendas. Your uniqueness and wholeness exist beyond any box.

Integrating the Non-Physical

While mainstream science provides valuable insights into the physical dimension, its dogmatic rejection of the non-physical leaves it fundamentally incomplete. It denies entire realms of reality and impedes understanding the deeper nature of existence.

An integrated scientific framework must incorporate consciousness itself as fundamental along with the physical. It should honor the mystical, intuitive parts of ourselves equally with intellect and logic. This synthesis of polarities balances the cold, clinical dispassion of mainstream science with the sacred spiritual essence at our core.

Expanding science to include nondual metaphysical aspects reflects the multidimensional unity that we inhabit, bridging realms normally segregated by rigid categories of thought. It offers the potential for profound breakthroughs and expansive new horizons.

The answers to humanity's challenges will not be found solely in the physical domain, but await discovery in the unlimited non-physical realms connected to ourselves. The solutions already exist, waiting to be seen through an unfiltered lens.

Transcending Limited Belief Systems

What we accept as possible forms the horizon of our experienced reality. Those with limited views of themselves consequently have limited views of the world. But the utmost heights of attainment in all fields seem impossible only to those who never dare leaving the lowest valleys of thought and imagination.

The realization of our wholeness requires transcending limiting mainstream narratives about our existence. We do not need others to legitimize our inner truth – it has already been placed there, awaiting rediscovery beyond layers of distortion.

By breaking free from engineered constraints on human potential designed to keep us enslaved, we open ourselves to reclaim our innate magnificence. Anything becomes possible when aligned with our highest nature. The only real limitations are those we believe in. It's time to dream bigger dreams.


Rather than blindly trusting designated “experts” to dictate reality, we must reclaim our inner authority and cultivate direct knowing. External validation does not determine what's objectively true. No amount of manipulation or credentials can override your own innate wisdom.

Mainstream science presents itself as an infallible oracle while betraying its own principles and ignoring facts that contradict orthodox models. But its grandiose claims are rapidly unraveling. The lies can no longer be sustained now that expanding consciousness is revealing fuller truths.

As we awaken, the veils of deception once used to control us become visible. This liberates us to explore new horizons unbound by mentally enslaving worldviews. The realization of our limitless potential requires transcending the reductionist, deterministic pop science programmed into us by the matrix of control.

Let us re-envision a science in service to humanity and the greater cosmos. One that bridges the mystical and material, reconnecting us to the living universe within and without. When we honor the intuitive alongside the rational, and the emotional with the intellectual, we can unfold a more holistic understanding of existence.

The solutions to humanity's challenges won't come from rigid institutions stuck in outdated thought-paradigms. They await discovery in the uncharted terrain of nonlinear consciousness and suppressed knowledge. A new science of the soul aligned with our divine essence will help us rediscover innate perfection.

The universe contains endless mysteries and miracles beyond mainstream science's wildest dreams. But they will only reveal themselves when we open our minds and hearts to the magic, meaning and boundless potentials at our core. Drop limiting beliefs and watch your world expand.


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