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Category: Inspirations

Extraterrestrial Message from Taygeta Pleiades Prime Directive (3)
The conversation between Gosia and Swaruu (9) dives into profound and complex themes, intertwining the cosmic with the metaphysical, and challenges our understanding of reality, intervention, and the nature of existence. It begins with the Prime Directive, a foundational set of rules established by the Federation, a vast alliance of nearly half a million civilizations. […]
Extraterrestrial Message from Pleiades Taygeta (2)
The dialogue between Gosia and Swaruu (9) delves into profound themes, touching on historical interventions, cosmic responsibilities, and the intricate nature of reality as perceived by advanced extraterrestrial entities. The exchange begins with Swaruu (9) recounting their species' intensified presence on Earth since 1952, escalating significantly in 2008 to prevent a catastrophic event orchestrated by […]
Extraterrestrial Message/Taygeta (Pleiades): Who Are We? (1)
In this captivating video, viewers are introduced to Swaruu, a member of the Taygetan race from the Pleiades star system, who unveils the profound and intricate connections between their civilization and Earth. Swaruu reveals that their task force, composed of nearly 18,000 Taygetans, operates from several ships orbiting Earth, vigilantly monitoring and ensuring the safety […]